Why are some people really good at poker?

Poker can be a tricky game at some point but some individuals have mastered the art of the game. These people are very intelligent and rarely miss a shot in the game and even if they do, they understand that they still have another shot at it. They think logically through a comparison of past experiences/memories and the current game and make a fortune out of it.


These people can easily understand and remember a preflop limping, raising, reraising and stacking of all range. Good poker players are very intelligent and have a good memory when it comes to tactics to win the game. Similarly, they do remember the ranges and frequency of opponents in the other streets.


Through their experiences, these people can easily devise a method to exploit the tendencies of their opponent. Good poker players have sound mathematic knowledge which helps them formulate a winning strategy with ease.


Playing poker with little discipline can mess a player in the game because over betting could lead to losing it all. Good poker players are disciplined, they know the right time to attack and when to not attack. They can memorize a player that tilts after a bad beat, a bad play or simply losing. These people and their understanding of psychology are phenomenal they somewhat know how to read minds and formulate a game plan from it.


Good poker players have a way of understanding the game and know what to do not be beat by the game. Adjusting their game and their moves to other players to outdo them is a skill these guys have mastered over time. Instances whereby new elements or variations are incorporated in the game, they tend to easily foresee the implications and how to maneuver. 


Sharing their strategies and tricks to other players is not in their vocabulary since these folks are selfish and don’t care much about their competitors. They are always very competitive with much passion for winning over their competitors this for instance makes them stand out. Good poker players portray a lot of confidence and often do not rely on any other player in the game.


These people are very sound in their decisions and rarely make mistakes, they do not get angry or emotional when they lose. The topmost players show the same face on loss and win too because they do not show any difference in reaction. They are always scheming and planning even on a losing streak with much aggressiveness whether they’re winning or losing. 


This an indication of a high level of tolerance towards the emotions connected to the game. A win in the game doesn’t make them feel elated and does not show sadness when a loss is identified. You cannot easily know who is the best since they rarely show off, they let the gameplay speak for them. 


Lengthening of games is one common character in most of these people, they are greedy and will keep on playing, thus this is one way they get to master the tricks of the game.  Besides being greedy, they do not portray any signs of laziness since they take it as their full-time job. They take poker as a serious affair as this is their life, they keep improving their poker expertise with adjustment to their opponent constantly.


They are street smart and they hustle to get in good juicy games entertain the fish of the game and makeup logic randomly to get the position of the fish. Good players know when to keep playing and when to quit playing, however, not all of them are discipline, some of them end up losing for not following their set rules.


Despite consistent winning, aforementioned guys rarely move higher up the limit of their usual.  They do not play stakes that may make them think about the actual money. Winning is their main goal, therefore, they do not play to please anyone.